Nov 22, 2011

Lost Paradise / 失樂園

Title: Lost Paradise / 失樂園
Medium: Watercolor
Size: A1 size, 594mm x 841mm

far... far away in the land of lost paradise
a place where tomorrow is grand,
everything goes just as planned.
a place where songs are written, I'm told.
with calligraphy brushes and ink of gold.
where one can rest upon a cloud,
and dreaming all day is always allowed.
it has a place where faeries dance,
in the forest where kodama playing hide and seek with you
in this place of no tomorrow,
there is no pain or sorrow.
yet it exist, strange as it seems,
but sadly only in the world of dreams.
so should you tire of this common world,
of its sorrow, hatred and cold.
think then of the lost paradise,
in the world of dreams where life is grand.
should you wish for a better time,
without hatred fear or crime.
there is only one thing that must be done,
change the world one by one.
the world can change its point of view,
but it must only start with you.
if one believes that it can be done,
the world can be changed one by one.
changed to a place like the lost paradise
to a place where children can play .
a place where there is no fear
then the lost paradise would be called here.

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