Nov 15, 2010

Uniquely Singapore Christmas / Illustration

Even though Singaporeans don’t get to experience the four seasons, we definitely know when is the season to be jolly. Christmas in the Tropics is festival that takes the carnival to the streets in Singapore’s all year round balmy, summer heat. To create our very own unique Christmas, I've replaced the Christmas tree with Singapore’s national flower,Vanda Miss Joaquim. I personally feel that HDB Flats with clothes hanging outside each apartment and cats loitering under hdb void deck are truly a unique scenic view in Singapore. Since Singapore doesn’t snow, I've also replaced the snowflakes with pollen grains from our very own garden city.

I've replaced the christmas tree with an orchard plant,
Singapore's national flower.
Cats that we normally see under our HDB void deck.
HDB Flat is a unique scenic view in Singapore,
with clothes hanging outside each apartment
from day to night.
Our very own "Santa Claus"
(havnt thought of his/her name yet, feel free to give me some suggestions)
^____________________^   Since Singapore dont snow, I've replace
the snow flakes with pollen grains.
The garden city.

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