Jan 27, 2010


The typeface I am working on is Sho. The master German calligrapher Karlgeorg Hoefer created the Sho typeface for Linotype’s Calligraphy for Print collection in 1992. The typeface is recognizable by the extreme contrast between strokes and the way it uses simple, round forms in some of its letters, giving it a peppy and playful feel. The name Sho comes from the Japanese and it reflects the Japanese art of writing. Thus, the main concept of this series of posters is to combine both the western (Germany) and eastern (Japan) cultures. Basically, I have used a simple palette of strong, intense colors to reinforce the strength of my design, producing a striking, eyecatching, traditional oriental yet contemporary feeling for my viewers. The main colors used for the designs are red, yellow, green and black. Red, yellow and black symbolize Germany because these are the colors that appear on their national flag. Red and yellow also symbolize the traditional Japanese culture. Green symbolizes the harmonious interactions between the East and the West.

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